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Feu De Joie Votive

Feu De Joie Votive

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A smoldering battlefield, fierce determination and pounding chests. Dense haze wafts with the smell of gunpowder as embers fly in the echo of beating drums.

Sultry Notes of Blood Oranges, smoked Birch and Clove are joined with citrus nuances creating a warm comforting fragrance.

Top: Dark Berry, Blood Orange Peel, Clove
Middle: Oakmoss, Amber, Crackling Embers
Bottom: Black Cedar, Guiacwood, Smokey Musk

Feu de joie definition: a salute of musketry fired successively by each person in turn along a line and back (as to celebrate a victory).


Our sustainable wax base is comprised of Coconut wax, Soy wax and Stearic acid (vegetable wax), Apricot oil and fragrance.Paraben free, non-GMO and food grade certified.Fragrance is IFRA certified. The IFRA Standards regarding use restrictions are based on safety assessments by the Panel of Experts of the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) and are enforced by the IFRA
Scientific Committee.


2.2oz / 62g
Box packaging 3in x 3in x 3.5in

Care instructions

Trim wick 1/4” prior to lighting. Burn until wax melts evenly, not exceeding 2 hours at a time. If smoking occurs, extinguish the flame, trim wick, and relight. To prevent fire or staining, burn on a heat-safe surface. Do not leave unattended and keep away from children and pets.

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