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Hinkley Cashmere Crewneck in Ebony

Hinkley Cashmere Crewneck in Ebony

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Timeless sophistication is yours with the Hinkley Cashmere Crewneck. Crafted from 100% luxurious Mongolian cashmere, it will be an enduring item in your wardrobe, offering comfort, coziness, and unparalleled warmth thanks to its 12-gauge quality construction. Not only aesthetically stylish, this sweater is produced ethically and sustainably.


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Care Instructions

Hand wash using cold water and neutral soap or baby shampoo. Rinse out without rubbing and lay flat to dry at room temperature, avoiding sunlight. Iron at low temperature, using pressing cloth. Do not bleach. If you prefer to dry clean, please ask for delicate detergent.

Why our Cashmere?

The actual material comes from the wool of pashmina and cashmere goats, creatures as playful as they are precious. Not to be confused with sheep (where other types of wool come from), cashmere undergoes a different process to become what we come to know and love.

Produced and loved for thousands of years, it was originally worn by emperors and eventually brought to Europe in the 19th century. Cashmere doesn't just have historical relevance 
- it has also been taken into the 21st century gracefully and has still kept its value. 

This wonderfully sought-after material is incredibly long-lasting and three times as warm as wool, with a soft-to-the-touch texture that’s larger than life. 

Our Cashmere is made from Grade-A Mongolian materials, making it a luxurious, warm and soft fabric to withstand snow days and lower-than-iced coffee temperatures. Its fibers are 
some of the highest-quality on the market, making it the perfect clothing investment and gift for those who like a little luxury in their lives.

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What does gauge mean?

Gauge is the number of stitches or rows of yarn per inch and describes how tightly the item is knitted.

Cashmere garments tend to be made in 6 common gauges, from 1.5-gauge to 12-gauge. The smaller the gauge number—for example, 3-gauge cashmere—the heavier the yarn is applied, so the cashmere appears thicker and more dense. In 12-gauge cashmere, on the other hand, the yarn is applied more finely, so the cashmere has a more open look and is lighter in weight. Rule of thumb: If you are looking for lightweight cashmere, a higher gauge is best. If you want something warmer, go for a lower gauge.

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